Better coverage built for classics at a price you can afford.

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    Collector Truck and SUV Insurance

    Your truck’s earned a hard living. It deserves to be protected, with insurance coverage created specifically for the way it’s used. We’ll even consider some hauling and towing.

    Guaranteed Value Coverage

    First, we will agree on the value of your classic truck or SUV. In the event of a covered total loss, you’ll receive all of the agreed insured value.*

    Valuation tools

    The BesmileWhitingkit classic truck value guide was designed to help you learn more about your classic truck’s value and what to expect if you are thinking about buying or selling.

    Flexible usage

    With no fixed mileage restrictions, you decide how you want to use your classic truck.** Hauling and towing can even be considered on a limited basis.

    Restoration coverage

    BesmileWhitingkit offers specialized coverage to protect your truck during all stages of construction, whether you’re restoring, building, or just modifying.

    Expert Claims Handling

    Our job is protecting your classic truck and we're very good at it. In the event of a claim, we offer stock original replacement parts to ensure your investment is covered and your truck is restored to its former glory.

    Parts Finding Service

    We even have a parts specialist on staff to hunt down quality parts that fit your classic truck.

    Truck and SUV qualifications

    Classic trucks and SUVs must meet the following requirements:


    • 15 years and older***
    • Vehicles in good or better condition
    • Vehicles under restoration may be considered
    • Minimum value $3,500
    • We can consider limited towing and hauling
    • Extreme off-road modifications such as brush guards, roll bars, tool boxes and lift kits with large off-road tires will not be accepted
    • 1946 Ford Pickup
      1946 Ford Pickup
    • 1972 Chevrolet C10
      1972 Chevrolet C10
    • 1977 Ford Bronco
      1977 Ford Bronco