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Additional Coverage

In an effort to continuously provide new and innovative features for our classic boat policyholders, BesmileWhitingkit Marine has developed several additional boat insurance coverage* enhancements. These enhancements are provided to you at no additional cost.

Consequential Damage

All coverage is subject to the Exclusions section of the policy. However, for certain types of excluded losses, resultant damage caused by any collision, explosion, fire, sinking or stranding is covered. For example, damage to a rudder caused by wear and tear is excluded. However, if the damaged rudder causes you to suffer a collision, the resulting collision is covered.†

Spare Parts and Tools

We will pay up to $750 for covered loss or damage to your spare parts and tools, while on your boat. Coverage is subject to a deductible of $25.

Trip Interruption

We will pay up to $500 for reasonable and temporary out-of-pocket expenses for transportation, lodging, and meals in the event of a covered loss or damage to your Boat. Reimbursable expenses include pre-paid slip rental fees or registration fees at classic boat events.

Coverage applies only if the loss or damage occurs more than 50 miles from your boat’s customary storage or mooring location and it is withdrawn from use for at least 24 hours.

Valuable Papers Coverage

We will pay up to $250 for covered loss or damage to valuable papers and records for your boat or out-board motor, including (but not limited to) owner’s handbooks, catalogues, parts or service manuals or sales literature.